Tips for the dance classes….

To join the classes, all you need is to be up for some fun (and off course, to keep coming)If you think you canít dance very naturally just from what the music brings to your imagination, you have to allow yourself time to become used to it because ultimately, if you insist, it WILL come naturally. So donít worry about anything. Just try it and keep insisting. Even if you need a bit of help to get started, itíll flow nice and easily, earlier than you THINK!

I use the following rule in my lessons: if you can walk, you can dance. Bring it on. I'll make you dance... It's a promise :)

Some tips:

  • Best to be sober, mainly at the beginningÖ itís good to be SURE about where your feet are going , or not.
    What to wear? As long as you feel comfortable, wear what you like. For GAFIEIRA, itís always good to wear shoes that donít stick to the floor as most of the time the feet need to slide freely; so hard soles are better than rubber ones. Trainers tend to break the movement because of their adherence to the floor.† * Ladies: a little bit of high hills is beneficial as ladies use the tip of the feet a lot when dancing Gafieira.
  • Posture: try to keep straight, mainly when dancing with a partner. Although samba dance seems to demand movement from EVERYWHERE in your body, if you look carefully, youíll see that the upper body tends to be always straight, which gives the couple a better balance and support to move confidently.

For the regulars, some names of steps to help you keep it fresh in mind

Samba de Gafieira steps

Base (basic step: left leg goes back, right leg goes forward)

Gancho (Take her out, Bring her back)




And that will be enough to keep you busy until next class. See you soon!