Samba de Gafieira is pure charm! It is my very favourite type of samba and if you ask me, it's the perfect marriage between speed and elegance. Often just called Gafieira and sometimes spelled as Gafiera, this is a samba style danced with a partner. It mixes fast sexy latin moves with the characterisct charm of bolero. Many of its moves resemble the Argentinian tango.

It's a great way to socialise and the more partners you dance with, the more experienced you will become. If you have a dedicated partner to practice with, it's even better because together you can progress much faster.

One way or another, you are guaranteed to have fun (and look good) dancing GAFIEIRA. It can be danced to slower or faster samba songs. It's been my passion for over 10 years. Out of all the couple's dances, samba has got to be the one with the most charm of all.